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1) You contact us (to choose the escort, to decide the meeting schedule and to provide us your hotel details)
2) We make the arrangements
3) The lady goes to your hotel
4) Pay and have fun
  1. In your room in less than one hour

    Time is the key in this case, so call us right away, we may have a girl available having a coffee or shopping very close to your hotel. Even if is a little bit late we might be able to send a girl to your room in less than an hour.

  2. In your room after your business dinner

    If you are planning to have a date with our girls after your business dinner, contact us and let us know. This way your date will be ready, waiting for your call and she will be able to go to your room in just a couple of minutes.

  3. Booking our Models

    We invite you to book your date beforehand. This way, we will assure that the model you want will be available for you without delays. We don’t charge booking fees or anything else in advance. Email right away!

  4. Meeting with our Escort Girls

    Our model will be dressed in your desired outfit. We would need your hotel details along with the meeting point (we suggest that you just wait in your room), However please think of possible barriers or obstacles such as Card elevators or others and please inform us.

  5. The Booking procedure

    First, just think about your tastes, what kind of girl would you like to meet tonight and have fun, for example, do you want a girl who can give you really hard sex or you feel like being with a sassy and sexy petite to play erotic games and have soft sex. Decide on at what time you would like to meet our model, maybe after work, before or after your business dinner or even by the morning. After that contact me, I know my models and I will help you to choose the best girl according to your tastes and needs.

    The following information would be required from you to enable us process your booking queries about our Escort models in a better way: Date and approximate time, hotel, room (if possible), girl’s name and also booking duration.

    After receiving your booking query we would get in touch with the respective Escort Model and determine whether your booking can be confirmed. You would then receive a corresponding communication from us by email.